5 Suggested habits for Product Agile team

The suggested code practices from my Agile development team environment

  1. Always do code reviews of your peers and self critic your code too.

  2. Write unit test cases based on the code requirement, when there is just no escape.

  3. Discuss the code challenge with your colleagues, go for
    pair programming.

  4. While you resolve a bug, do not change the status of that bug into resolve state (jira tracker tool), when you are not sure for side effects. Wait for some event of repercussion from the code. If you witness any evidence. Again try to see and pick the issue from its tail and again look into it, and try to solve this. Then mark this as resolve.

  5. Try to catch the bug and obsolete code in advance, till they create a bottleneck in the code ecosystem.

    I hope if you keep it in practice, and even if you miss daily code reviews, try to come on track again.

    Of Course, this will require dedication, lots of discipline.
    But then great products are used by the global client and their customers for driving them towards business goals, which you may find rewarding, while you experience… you have influenced their life as well!

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