Catch the 1% in iterative design::OSIDays11

This slide has been presented in OSIDays11::Asia largest conference (8th Edition) on 22nd Nov.

This session stress & focus on “Path tracing” technique in front end designing.

So that designers can be more detail oriented with less iterative pain.

Every client sent design has a impulse stored in it and while doing front end designing for the same design, your design should sent the same IMPULSE. So, that your design can win over easily the (Pseudo) Pixel Perfect game. And applauded by the quality concerned Client.

Gaurav Mishra at OSIDays 2011

And if developers want to learn a bit about layout designing, they can get start with the path tracing approach. Though it will act as balance support wheels for them (for learning layout designing).


'Catch the 1% in iterative design' by Gaurav Mishra at OSIDays 2011

Audio recording

Gaurav Mishra  at OSIDays 2011

Pssst! Also sharing one secret, while designing the T-shirt for OSIDays 2011.
The tag line Brilliant me! was proposed initially. 
But! I had added the <br /> in the tagline 
<br /> illiant ME! 
So that the XHTML version of the BR tag is not ignored, as it is ignored often. When someone wears it, he/she will remember the right syntax for
<br /> the XHTML version.